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Here you can find everything about nuts and the benefits of eating them raw. Moreover, nut recipes are included to our site and you can also visit “the nut house”, if you want, to buy some roasted, raw nuts or dried fruits. Furthermore, you can read some real-life stories from people whose health has improved by eating raw nuts. Eat nuts and enjoy them.

Enjoy your stay and what else..Eat raw nuts and dried fruits for a better life!


“We want YOU! We want your thoughts, articles, comments and nut recipes of course! Send your submissions to benefitsofnuts@gmail.com and as long as they meet our criteria, we ‘ll post them here.


Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds





























Here's a breakdown of nut nutrition — what good stuff they give you, how to use 'em, and fun alternatives, too!:

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